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An environment of positive play can only be achieved with healthy players. We deliver player health programming above and beyond the industry standard, reflecting best practices and extending across our entire organization:

Staff Training: We ensure our staff possess the skills to assist players, whatever their needs.

Staff Communication: We keep our people informed of the latest industry developments and learnings.

Staff Recognition: We acknowledge and reward excellence in delivering a player health culture.

Internal Research: We conduct polls and surveys to assess our staff’s knowledge and opinions.

Policy Development: We provide guidance to maintain the highest levels of customer care.

Stakeholder Engagement: We value our relationships with organizations focused on player health success.

Community Partnership: We work with allies that further our player health mission.

We are committed to providing a positive gaming experience for everyone. Not just because it is the right thing to do, but because it elevates the level of customer service for our players and makes for a better entertainment experience overall.

Every staff member at Parq is trained to appropriately respond to ‘red flag’ gambling behaviour and to positively assist customers seeking to self-exclude through GameBreak. Additionally, our people are provided with trainings over and above the BC industry standard, ranging from player health orientation for new employees, to support resource awareness for hospitality staff, to ethical promotion for our marketing team.

Our Culture 1

BCLC: Parq has formed strong working relationships with industry, academia and government to deliver best practice player health initiatives. BCLC is a world leader in the player health field. At all levels of our operation, we support BCLC’s social purpose goal of generating win-wins for the greater good.

GameSense: BCLC’s GameSense program is integral to our culture and a valuable support resource for all on the casino floor. Along with the state-of-the-art Game Sense Info Centre (GSIC) on Level 2, our in-house GameSense Advisors (GSAs) provide information, assistance and connection so that our customers know more and play better.

City of Vancouver: We value our relationship with the City of Vancouver. It drives us to constantly innovate and improve in our efforts to serve our local player community.

UBC: Support for research and best practice is vital. We are thrilled to work with the UBC Centre for Gambling Research in their mission to advance the understanding of gambling psychology and reduce associated harm.