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How to Play Baccarat

The 101

Baccarat is ultimate game of chance, where one’s luck flows in or out of a shoe. The adventure begins when players and bankers go head-to-head in quickly executed coups, revealing fate and fortunes in minutes.

Who’s who?

You: The Player
Banker: The Dealer

Player vs Banker

The goal: Predict who will draw the higher ‘coup’

The play: No matter how many people are playing, only the Player and Banker hands are dealt

The bet: Place your bets on the player, the banker, or a tie

The deal: Place your bet on either hand before the cards are dealt

4 types played in casinos

  1. American
  2. En Banque
  3. Chemin de Fer
  4. Mini

Fun Facts

It’s one most played tables games in the world

The game has been played for 5 centuries

The plot in Casino Royale is centered around Baccarat

The Cards

In a hand of 2 or 3 cards, aim for a total count of 9

The win

You bet on banker + banker wins = you win an even money payout on your bet

You bet on player + player wins = you win an even money payout on your bet

You bet on tie + tie is the outcome = you win 8-1 return

You didn’t bet on a tie + tie is the outcome = your stake is returned

Ask the Experts

Go with a game with fewest decks when possible

Remember, this is a game of chance—there are no algorithms

A tie is a risky bet

Always stick to your limit


Remember, you must be 19+ to play. If you gamble, use your GameSense.