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How To Pack Light for a Grand Getaway

Jet setters know the ins and outs of travel. They don’t get bogged down by juggling bags. They don’t get stressed at the carousel. These frequent flyers breeze past the lines because they only pack a carry-on suitcase. With these insider tips, you can do this too.

Consider The Case

When you’re shopping for luggage, a 22-inch roller that is under 10 pounds is considered lightweight, and optimal for travel. You’ll thank us halfway through your journey when you’re back isn’t breaking from the heavy load.

Hard Or Soft

Do you go with a fabric or hard case? We prefer a soft surrounding as you’ll have room for those last-minute gifts you may want to bring home.

Prep For Activities, Not Length

Think about your excursions. Are you going to the opera? Are you hiking in wild weather? Planning your wardrobe by day is key to being prepared and packing less.

Think Of The Season

If you’re thinking about spring travel in Vancouver, that means rainy travel and you’ll need a lightweight rain jacket. If you don’t have one, not to worry our fashionable boutiques have you covered.

Be Ruthless

Don’t rush to pack. Instead, first pull out all the clothes you want. Now, be ruthless and cut your choices in half.

Style Your Wardrobe

Choose a dress or pants you can wear in a variety of ways. Go for bags that pull double duty. Set a simple colour theme that you can easily layer.

Make Use Of Space

Roll your clothes instead of folding them. Take advantage of sample-size beauty products. Invest in compression bags and packing cubes as these brilliant inventions help compress your clothes, keep you organized and protect your belongings from leaks. Contact the hotel you are staying at and see if they have complimentary toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste so you can lighten your load.

Go Digital

Ditch books and maps, and instead download your reads and upload your plans into your smartphone. Tablets or e-readers are also great options, as they are lightweight and multi-functional. Just don’t forget your charger.

We suggest using travel apps – here is a great resource.

Wear the Bulk

Your on-board outfit should consist of the bulkiest, heaviest items you need. For a snowboard trip, wear your winter jacket. Don’t worry, you can peel off the layers as soon as you get through the gate. Make use of your pockets for cameras, toiletries and other random smaller items.

Now you’re ready to start traveling light like the jet-setter you are.