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How To Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

There they are, those larger-than-life New Year’s resolutions creeping through already. Weight loss, fitness, organization and finances: we all have dreams of personal growth in 2020. But the reality is, a quarter of us won’t even stick to our plans after the first week of January. Once the hype fades, our motivation dwindles and there we are, back were we began.

Then there’s the 20 per cent. These are the people who achieve their goals and embark on a life-long journey to self-improvement. So, what do these people do differently than the rest of us?

Here are the five techniques that trailblazing goal-setters will use this year—and every year—to achieve their dreams. Are you one of them?

Know Your Limits

Set a realistic target. Yes, a goal should be challenging but it shouldn’t be so big it scares you off. People who craft realistic resolutions have a better chance of following through.

Own Your Goal

Give your goal a meaning that aligns with your core values. Try setting intrinsic goals—those driven by our natural need for growth and connection.

Set Stages

Break down your goal into tasks. Even a small win can help you create self-propelling momentum as you steadily chip away at your larger objective.

Visualize the Obstacles

Know what hurdles you’ll likely face. If better nutrition is your goal, the dessert table at a party could be the obstacle. To help you make a better choice, visualize enjoying an option that will help you succeed.

Feel Satisfied

Please that limbic brain—the portion of our mind that craves instant gratification. A reward that is too far into the future can be a deterrent, so give yourselves small gifts and incentives along the way.

Achieving your 2020 dreams is up to you—and we know you have it in you. Now that you’re armed with the five techniques, it’s time to re-think those lofty New Year’s resolutions, and embark on a realistic journey to an all-new you.