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Give The Best Gift There is: A Good Night’s Sleep Header Item 1

Give The Best Gift There is: A Good Night’s Sleep

Does your wellness regime weave into the evening? Many of us have trouble falling and staying asleep, and a proper wind-down routine can help. This Christmas, give the gift of a blissful night’s sleep with this holiday shopping guide that delivers calm.

1. Unwind With Laughter

Play a game with your family after dinner. This fun, phone-free technique is a sure-fire way to wind down after a stressful day. A game like Poobah is great opens dialogue with 250 cards across five categories—emotions, share stories, making decisions, debate, and creativity.

Poobah: the Conversation Game, $29.00

2. Sleep Well

Experience the healing benefits of natural oils before bed. This popular essential oil is said to get the rest you need with this strong, yet soothing blend of essential oils designed to help the body relax, slow down and lull itself into a deep and restful sleep.

Saje Sleep Well Restful Sleep Remedy, $28.00

3. Love Your Locks

Introducing a conditioning treatment that treats dry, damaged hair. Packed with keratin, silk protein and smoothing shea butter, Reconstruct is a pre-bedtime hair mask that helps restore moisture and elasticity. Just the thought of radiant hair helps our well-being.

Reconstruct Restorative Mask, $34.00

4. Go Phone-Free

Imagine a de-stressing trifecta—a sound machine, a diffuser, and an alarm clock—all in one. The HoMedics® SoundSpa® Slumber Scents delivers a masterful calm with six, preloaded relaxation and nature sounds, a calming aromatherapy diffuser, and a southing alarm that allows you to go phone-free at night.

SoundSpa® Slumber Scents, $79.00

5. Relax With the Spa by JW

Incorporate massage techniques at home after a decadent Stress Relief Massage by the Spa by JW, starting at $155, and take home an array of soothing gifts, such as The Sleep and Recovery Collection by Aromatherapy Associates London, starting at $75.00

Discover the Spa by JW

6. Enjoy A Blissful Bath

Turn bath time into a luxurious experience. This bath pillow from ZenTyme has elevated sides to keep your head up and muscles relaxed. According to this study, a warm bath up to two hours before bedtime can accelerate the speed of falling asleep by 36 percent.

ZenTyme Luxury Bath Pillow, $24.99 (Receive a $5 discount if you’re an Amazon Prime member.)   

6. Note Your Gratefulness

Release positive vibes before bed by giving thanks. Writing down one thing you’re grateful for from the day can help calm the mind. We love the Erin Condren Gratitude Journal as it inspires with wonderful quotes that prompt reflection.

Erin Condren Gratitude Journal, $16.99