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A vow to recycle

Parq Vancouver was built on a foundation of sustainability. Discover an array of eco-friendly ventures throughout the resort, including recycling, an initiative that deserves its moment in the sun. Recycling is the process of converting waste into new, useful products. Communities across Vancouver—and Canada—are making big changes with lasting impact. Here are seven reasons to join us on a journey towards a greener future.

1. One person can make a difference

Canadians are recycling more and influencing change. British Columbians diverted 358 kilograms of waste per person in 2017, that exceeds the national average of 255 kilograms per person.

2. Landfills are reaching capacity

Landfills produce approximately 25 per cent of Canada’s methane emissions, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to our warming planet.

3. Conserve natural resources

By diverting resources from landfills, recycling can also help reduce the amount of waste entering them in the first place, which helps conserve our precious natural resources.

4. Keep our wildlife healthy

Plastics and other wastes are making their ways into our forests, rivers, lakes, wetlands and oceans. These are breeding grounds for our wildlife habitats, which, unfortunately, mistake the waste for food.

5. Ensure a bright future for generations

Our natural resources are finite. Recycling helps lower our footprint and helps ensure a brighter future for the next generations to come.

6. Keep our groundwater clean and healthy

Much of the waste in landfills is neither eco-friendly nor biodegradable. Through rain or runoff, contaminants can snake their way through land to bodies of water such as streams, rivers, and lakes, and harm our ecosystems.

7. Keep our neighbourhoods vibrant

Communities across Vancouver have created gorgeous communal gardens and green spaces, but plastics are contaminating their pristine conditions. Let’s all do our part to create energetic, hygienic neighbourhoods for generations to come.


What can you recycle?

Start with plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, cans, containers, trays, cartons, and foils. For more information on how and what to recycle, visit: