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A three-day sojourn: What - and how - to pack Header Item 1

A Three-day Sojourn – What and How to Pack

You’re excited for your very first journey to Vancouver, but you have no idea what or how to pack for its wild weather. These guidelines will help you stay stylish—and dry—in beautiful British Columbia.

Vancouver is one of the most spectacular places on the planet, a world-renowned coastal city with soaring mountain peaks overlooking the bustling metropolis below. While the crocuses and daffodils emerge in February, so do our lively locals who are eager to venture in that ever-fresh spring air. But don’t be misled by visions of blissful blue skies, it’s still wet. Very wet. Apply these how-to packing tips to minimize your luggage, and create an unforgettable journey in Vancouver.

Explore Vancouver’s Gems

An incredible dining destination for the most sophisticated of palates. A sporting adventure for the history books. A trek through our iconic old growth forests. There’s abundance of attractions for tourists to explore in our world-class city. Creating a list of must-see destinations will help you turn your cumbersome suit-case into a convenient carry-on.

Tip: If it’s raining downtown, it’s likely snowing in our gorgeous North Shore mountains. Toting an extra layer while you discover Vancouver is always a good bet.

Evaluate the Weather

Wandering through our city’s streets needn’t be hampered by wild weather. Working with it could lead you to memorable moments you hadn’t thought possible. Check the local news and weather before you pack, and check it again the day before you leave. Sprinkles? Any light rain jacket will do. Pouring rain? A longer jacket will help you stay cozy if events go sideways.

Tip: Budget for a very Vancouver keepsake: A locally made, hand-crafted umbrella to match your style from one of our many high-end boutiques.

Leave it behind

Pack your essentials, and leave the rest to us. That’s right, leave the bulk behind and trust you’ll have the finest of soaps and the softest of lotions in your guest room. Take it one step further and put a glamourous evening in the hands of an expert for the ultimate experience of luxury.

Tip: Knowing your needs is important, but knowing what you don’t need is essential. A convenient call to your hotel’s concierge will help create an unforgettable journey.

Pack like a Pro

Adventure awaits, but trip-planning with only a carry-on can be a challenge. What about the shoes, the bags, the technology? Group pieces by category and place them in travel pouches to help you stay organized and let you explore Vancouver with ease.

Tip: Fold or stack? Organizational expert Marie Kondo says neither. File your clothing to save more space and locate your belongings with ease.