Parq has an ongoing commitment to making a positive difference in our local community

Through direct donations, in-kind support, partnerships, and employee volunteerism in three distinct areas: helping at-risk families, supporting and showcasing local art and artists, and continuously raising the bar on responsible gaming.


Helping at-risk families, particularly in the Downtown Eastside, through employment opportunities, commitment to local sourcing, in-kind and team support, and through direct contributions to non-profits who help foster healthy and self-sufficient families.


Investing in local art and artists by showcasing and promoting all that our community has to offer to residents and international visitors and guests.


Raising the bar on responsible gaming. Parq Vancouver supports research and actions to advance the prevention and treatment of problem gambling behavior's and addictions. We are committed to establishing and maintaining best practices in responsible gaming.


Consideration is given to charitable organizations that complement our vision and corporate culture. Organizations with a reputation for integrity in program implementation, project effectiveness, metrics, and financial management will be given top consideration. When a request is denied, it does not imply that the request is not valued. It may be that the request does not fall within these Guidelines or Key Community Investment Areas, or that available funds have been committed elsewhere.

In alignment with our community commitment, vision, and corporate culture, we do not utilize our Corporate Giving program to further the following:

  • Religious causes
  • Personal pursuits
  • Organizations that discriminate by race, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, marital status, national origin, disability, political affiliate, or other legally protected status, except as permitted by law
  • Research projects
  • Political organizations and/or political candidates
  • Advertising or promotional campaigns
  • An organization is limited to one submission in any 12-month period, however it may include multiple requests
  • Requests submitted via email, fax, mail or phone will NOT be considered


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